Rusty Roof Clubhouses and Birdhouses are built by the construction pros at A. Meyer Construction. A custom remodeling and precision carpentry firm, A. Meyer Construction shows its skills here - while having a lot of fun in the process!

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Start the fun! Check out all the colors and designs, or specify your custom choices here - and order your Rusty Roof structure from A. Meyer Construction online today.

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Art and nature...together under one roof!

Add a conversation piece to your yard - and a home for your local birds. Rusty Roof Birdhouses and Feeders are colorful, unique, and just plain fun.

Attach them with a hook and wire, mount them on a post, or line up several to create a welcoming bird neighborhood!

They're awesome, even before you get inside!

Kids can't get enough of the crazy windows and doors, bright colors, and rustic signs. Add mailboxes, window boxes, lighting, and furniture to make your Rusty Roof Clubhouse uniquely your own.

Every Rusty Roof Clubhouse is unique - and ready for years of active imaginative play.

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